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They say music is food to the soul, and what better way to enjoy music than to have the best Bluetooth speakers in your home? You can bring the fun with you wherever you go, be it the garden, backyard, or while walking your furry friend. Modern wireless speakers are packed with lots of incredible features that make using them a joy. Apart from streaming services, some of these Bluetooth speakers support voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This means that you can control your smart home devices from the speakers. What’s more, most of these speakers are wireless and portable. When buying the best Bluetooth speaker for your home, you have dozens of options to choose from. Below, you’ll find recommendations for the best Bluetooth speakers.

Sonos Move

Most Sonos speakers are operated over the Wi-Fi. However, the Sonos Move can be operated over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than six hours on a single charge. This means you can take the Sonos Move Bluetooth speakers with you to the beach or anywhere you fancy.

However, its hefty weight may be a deterrent, especially if you’re always on the move. The Sonos Move is a smart Bluetooth speaker that’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants. And, it does a great job responding to your voice even from a distance. The speaker has an IP56 rating for dust and water resistance, making it ideal for the outdoors.

You can use the Sonos S2 app to adjust the bass and treble. You can even pair two Sonos speakers to create stereo sound and amplify your music. Overall the speaker is incredible with good sound quality. However, when you play at max volume, it can sound distorted.

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JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 5 is a no-frills, incredible-sounding Bluetooth speaker that’s value for your money. At just $100, you get fantastic acoustics and extensive bass. Plus, it can go for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The Flip 5 has an IPX7 rating for waterproof up to three feet deep. So, if you’re having a pool party or heading down to the beach, you don’t have to worry about the wet conditions.

Like the Sonos Move, you can pair up two speakers for the stereo effect using PartyBoost. JBL Flip 5 comes in an array of attractive colors, 11 to be exact, from camo, black camo, pink, red, sand, and teal, to mention a few.

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UE Megaboom 3

If you’re looking for a truly excellent Bluetooth speaker, check out the Ultimate Ears Megaboon 3. It puts out some of the most pleasant, balanced sounds for the size. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours and gives you a Bluetooth range of 100 feet. It has an IP67 rating for water resistance and dustproof.

The UE Megaboom 3 is also drop-proof, meaning you can drop it all you want, but it won’t skip a beat. Heck, you can even dive into the pool with it with a worry in the world. If you’re looking for a smart wireless speaker, this is not it since it’s not Wi-Fi equipped. But the Megaboom 3’s sound quality with crisp highs and low ends can’t be beaten for the price.

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Tribit XSound Go

If you’re on a budget, but still want to enjoy great sound, go for the Tribit XSound Go. At less than $40, you get much clearer and louder sound than most Bluetooth speakers. Its small size and curved edges make it highly portable.

The XSound Go will reward you with a playtime of up to 24 hours on a charge (according to the maker). Plus, it has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can survive underwater up to one meter deep. The speaker also has a speakerphone function for hands-free calling.

The Tribit XSound Go was recently upgraded and now comes with USB-C charging and stereo pairing capabilities.

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Anker Soundcore Flare

The Anker brand is synonymous with supplying the best products that are bang for your buck. The soda-can-sized speaker is equipped with dual drivers and passive radiators that deliver 360 degrees’ sound. The Soundcore Flare has an IP67 waterproof, dust, rain, and spills protection. 

There’s a beat-driven LED light ring that pulsates pleasantly as the music plays on. You get five customizable modes to tailor the atmosphere to suit your moods. The Soundcore Flare can run for 12 hours nonstop on a single charge, which is good enough in most situations. Plus, it has an app that you can use to customize the sound and adjust the equalizer settings.

While it may not sound as great as the other more expensive Bluetooth speakers, it offers incredible sound with impressive clarity.

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