The constant development of industries and increase in manufacturing are some of the factors that contribute to deteriorating air quality, both inside and outside our homes. It doesn’t matter how often you clean, your house still has some level of air pollution, including dust, pollen, mold, cleaning chemicals, to mention a few. And with the wildfires that occur every year, the smoke easily makes its way through doors and windows, negatively impacting your lungs. If you’re worried about the air you breathe at home, an indoor air quality monitor can help you detect the various pollutants. It also tells you if your air purifier or HVAC filter is working as expected. You can then take the necessary steps to clean up your air. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your indoor air quality sensor or looking for a new one, here are the top five indoor air quality monitors in the market.

Best Overall: Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical

The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical has an attractive design and efficient physical controls, as well as smart functionality. The device offers the most versatility and capability and displays air quality readings with clarity.

What’s more, the Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical is easy to use, with only a single button to look through the readings. At night, you can turn off the display, while it continues to monitor air quality, without disrupting your sleep.

The device supports Apple HomeKit and IFTTT, and now comes with Google Home and Alexa built-in, allowing you to turn on the air purifier or central AC if you detect poor air quality. The Kaiterra is highly sensitive and detects changes in air quality within seconds, which ensures you stay updated with real-time readings.

The Kaiterra indoor air quality monitor checks humidity, temperature, PM2.5 (fine dust), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and even displays the weather forecast.

Second Runner-Up: Airthings Wave Plus Radon & Air Quality Monitor

The Airthings Wave Plus Radon & Air Quality Monitor, as the name suggests, not only checks the air quality in your home, but also radon levels. Radon is a compound that forms due to the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. It then gets into the air we breathe and is known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in America.

The Airthings Wave Plus air quality indoor monitor also checks carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, temperature, humidity, total volatile organic compounds, and air pressure. The device works on a battery, meaning you can install it anywhere in your home. The battery holds a charge for up to 16 months, which is quite impressive.

You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and sync it to the free Airthings Wave app for comprehensive readings and total control over your home’s air quality. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT smart home devices.

Best Battery Operated: ECOWITT WH0290

The Ecowitt WH0290 Air Quality Monitor is powered by two rechargeable batteries (which come included), and you can check the battery life via the unit’s display. It’s also fitted with a solar panel that acts as a backup power source. This makes it the best battery-operated indoor air quality monitor, as well as the most affordable at only $75.99.

The device monitors PM2.5 and gives accurate readings, thanks to the Honeywell HPM Series monitoring system. It lets you know where you stand concerning the quality of air in the house. The unit grades the quality of air into Good, Moderate, Poor, Unhealthy, Severe, and Hazardous.

Best High-End: uHOO Indoor Air Quality Sensor

If you’re one for high-tech gadgets, the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor is advanced and features a whopping nine built-in detectors. It monitors humidity, temperature, air pressure, ozone, TVOCs, PM2.5, CO2, carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Another of the Indoor Air Quality Monitors review you shall consider for your purchase.

Its sleek design will blend well with your home décor, and its compact build is not much bigger than a coffee mug. The device is powered by a multi-core processor and encrypted with 128-bit SSL. It allows syncing with your smart home hub, and you can pair it with a thermostat or air purifier for automatic air quality control.

The device comes with a steep price tag of around $330.

Best Smart: Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

If you’re looking for a smart indoor air quality monitor for your home, check out the Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor. The device can integrate with Google Assistant or Alexa for easy control and features a compact design and attractive interface.

Awair Element measures temperate, humidity, CO2, and TVOC levels inside your home, alerting you when it detects unhealthy levels. It can track changes over time, giving you an insight into what exactly affects your home’s air quality. Its corresponding app offers you tips and feedback on how to improve your home’s air conditions.

Good luck in your search for Indoor Air Quality Monitors!

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