When shopping for the ideal sofa for your home, the obvious things to look for include comfort, style, and size. One thing most people usually overlook is functionality. Slipcovered sofas have remained popular for a long time for their cozy, relaxed coastal look. These laid-back couches are making a comeback in the modern world due to how easy they are to maintain. However, you should know that not all slipcovered sofas have removable covers. The latest trends feature a slipcover for its appearance, and the covers can only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned.

What You Need to Know About Slipcovers

A slipcover sofa, in most cases, comes with a removable cover that protects the upholstery. They are usually underrated, but the perfect slipcovers sofas have a unique look.

What’s more, they are easily customizable and let you play around with different colors to match your moods. When choosing a slipcover, go for one that drapes easily as opposed to a heavier option. If you’re torn between going for a slipcovered sofa or the conventional ones, here are a few reasons to help you pick.

Pros of Slipcovered Sofas

Slipcovers Are Washable

Perhaps the number one advantage of slipcover sofas is the ease of cleaning them. All you have to do is take off the covers and put them in the wash. You no longer need to worry about nasty stains like wine spills, or baby’s milk. Just toss them in the day’s laundry, and you’re good to go.

Slipcovers save you the hassle of vacuuming and shampooing your couch. If you have white sofas and worry about your kids or pets damaging the upholstery, slipcovers are your answer.

Slipcovers Are Decorative

Apart from being easy to clean, slipcovers offer a great and simple way to change the look of your home in an instant. You can swap them in minutes and give your house a new and revamped look. The covers let you change the look of your sofa by installing any style or color you want, depending on the season or occasion.

Why buy a new sofa when you can just swap the covers for a new look?

Slipcovers Are Easily Replaceable

For high traffic homes, damaged upholstery, spills, or tears are inevitable. You can imagine the cost of replacing upholstery every few months. Instead of risking that, you could simply invest in a few slipcovers to protect your fabric.

They are easy to replace and more cost-effective than getting the entire fabric replaced. Plus, they are washable.

Slipcovers Are Chic and Classic

Forget the ill-fitting and awkward slipcovers of the past. Modern slipcovered sofas look chic, elegant, and classy. They are made by high-end designers and can be tailored to your specific tastes, design, style, and color.

They can be made to match your home décor, plus the fact that they are swappable makes them even more convenient.

Slipcovers Let You Blend Mismatched Furniture

Let’s say you find a piece of attractive furniture at a thrift store, but it doesn’t match your other furniture. Normally, you’d forgo it. However, with slipcovers, you can customize your new sofa to blend with the rest of the furniture.

Slipcovers offer more flexibility when decorating your house. Now you can buy a favorite piece of furniture knowing that you will customize it with a slipcover.

Cons of Slipcovered Sofas

Slipping the Cover

Slipcovers are designed such that they fit tightly on sofas. For that reason, getting the slipcover back after washing it can be a pain. 

Require Regular Maintenance

Slipcovers, especially white ones, are not maintenance-free. They are quick to get dirty and make all kinds of debris easily visible. It means you must always wash them before company arrives and sometimes you simply may not have that time.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t mind handling the pristine white fabric.

Should You Get a Slipcovered Sofa?

Remember, we mentioned that not all slipcovered sofas come with a removable cover. If your home has high traffic, including pets, a couch with a removable slipcover may be the most ideal option. Pets like to scratch and can damage or even urinate on your expensive upholstery. A slipcover ensures easy clean-up and protects the fabric from damage.

In addition, you should consider how the slipcover needs to be cleaned. If it’s not removable, you can only spot clean or dry clean it. If it’s removable, be sure to check the label of the fabric for care instructions. Slipcovered sofas are more versatile, and those with replaceable covers allow you to customize your couches any time you want.

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