Water is life and a necessity for staying healthy. You can improve the quality of water you drink right at home with a water filter pitcher either the water is hard or well in your area. These are simple, affordable gadgets that can help you save hundreds of dollars every year. As well as keep plastic water bottles from landfills and water bodies. A good water filter pitcher removes bacteria like Salmonella and e. Colie, viruses, and a range of pesticides and heavy metals. What’s more, you can keep water filter pitchers in the fridge to keep the water chilled.

Best Water Filter Pitchers

Best Overall: Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Clearly Filtered is one of the best water filter pitchers to buy in 2021. It removes the most contaminants, including lead, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, and PFAS/PFOA. With a capacity of 10 cups and filter life of 100 gallons, it’s highly effective and guaranteed to give you the highest quality drinking water.

The pitcher is made from BPA-free and Food Grade plastic and is ideal for tap and well water. The company believes in their product so much that they offer a lifetime guarantee. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a filter change indicator.

Best Runner-Up: Pur Classic 11-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The Pur Classic filter uses gravity: after you fill it up with water and it flows through the filter to remove contaminants. It’s huge and can hold up to 11 cups. The pitcher is fitted with an easy-fill lid that lets you refill it at the sink without removing the whole lid off.

The spout is also fitted with a cover to prevent splashes. The Pur Classic filter fits tightly to ensure no leaks occur. According to the company, the pitcher can filter 12 contaminants, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, odor, chlorine taste, and more, with 95 percent effectiveness.

The filters are to be replaced every 40 gallons or every two or three months, and it comes with a monitor to indicate when it’s time to replace the filter. The different colors indicate how close you are to replacing the filter: green means the filter is OK, yellow means it’s nearing its end and red signifies it should be replaced.

Best UV Technology: Larq UV Purifying Pitcher

Most water filter pitchers use a combination of gravity, activated carbon, nanofiber, and other materials to catch water contaminants and contain them. The Larq water purifying pitcher uses UV technology to zap and kill microorganisms like cysts and giardia.

The UV pitcher also comes with a filter to remove heavy metals, chemicals, and other contaminants from water. If cost is no issue, you can get yourself the Larq UV Purifying Pitcher for $148 at Larq.

Best Value: Brita Standard Metro Filter Pitcher

Brita is a well-known water filter pitcher brand, and it performs exceptionally well in removing water contaminants. It’s insanely cheap at $18 only, probably due to the cheap plastic used, but it gets the job done.

The filter is said to last 40 gallons of water, and you only need $3 to replace the filter (if you buy in multipack).

Another affordable brand you can try is the Amazon Basics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Filter. At around $26, the pitcher is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for both aesthetic effects and health effects. It means it can reduce heavy metals like copper and mercury, and chemicals like iron and chlorine.

That’s a rare thing for cheap water filter pitchers.

Best Compact: Brita 6-Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher

If you live alone and prefer a small pitcher for your small kitchen, check out the Brita 6-Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher. Capable of holding only six cups, it’s compact enough to keep it on your bedside or office table.

It comes with a standard Brita filter that’s NSF/ANSI 42 certified to reduce aesthetic contaminants and odor, such as chlorine. It’s also NSF/ANSI 53 certified to reduce heavy metals, including mercury, copper, and cadmium.

Best for Restoring Alkaline to Your Water: pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

The pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher takes your tap water and not only to removes heavy metals, sediments, odors, bad taste, chlorine, and other chemicals and contaminants, it also improves pH level and mineral content.

It’s equipped with a multi-stage PH001 filter, which helps lower negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and increases antioxidants in your water. The filter is designed to last four months, and it’s fitted with an indicator that lets you know it’s time to change the filter.

You’d think the pitcher is costly but only goes for $38.99.


Your choice of water filter pitcher will be determined by several factors like what contaminants you want to be filtered and the capacity. Overall, you may want a water filter pitcher with the most extensive NSF and WQA certifications.

You should also consider the filters. How long does it take before it requires replacing? Most water filter pitchers last 40 gallons. A brand like the Clearly Filter Water Pitcher has a lifetime of 100 gallons.

Lastly, it’s the cost. Generally, water filter pitchers are affordable and range below $50. They filter almost similar contaminants, but the most advanced ones may cost more. Only buy an expensive pitcher if you need the extra technology and if it adds value to your life.

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