Since 2009, Night Owl Home Security company has been offering security and video surveillance systems to help you monitor your home. The company is known to offer affordable video surveillance equipment that’s effective and user-friendly. From digital video recorder (DVR) to network video recorder (NVR) to wireless systems and cameras, Night Owl is known for its flexibility.

Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews: Background Summary

The company operates out of its headquarters in Naples, Florida. They provide a wide range of products to consumers, with a focus on affordability to give everyone access to quality security.

Night Owl Security caters to different market segments, including homeowners, businesses, federal organizations, and more.

Night Owl’s Wired and Wireless Security Systems

Night Owl’s DVR systems are affordable and come with dual sensor technology. They are also backward compatible, meaning they are compatible with your existing CCTV system. DVR systems are cost-effective but require multiple cables.

Pros on DVR Systems:

  • High resolution, 5MP cameras, which is pretty good picture quality compared to most security cameras which are 1080p
  • Wired systems tend to offer a more reliable connection

Cons of DVR Systems:

  • You have to deal with all the cabling, which can make the setup complicated
  • Limited cable reach. Most Night Owl DVR systems come with 60-foot cables to connect the camera to the base unit, which can be limiting if you’re setup is farther than 60-foot

NVR systems, on the other hand, while offering a wireless connection, are not entirely wireless. They aren’t battery-powered, meaning you have to plug them into a power source.

Pros of NVR Systems:

  • Reduced cable clutter, making installation easy
  • Communicates with the system over a 300-foot range, covering more area than DVR systems

Cons of NVR Systems:

  • The connection is not entirely wireless
  • Wireless signals are not as reliable as wired connections

Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews: Top Night Owl Security Cameras

Night Owl offers a ton of options when it comes to surveillance systems. These are our top picks and the most popular systems:

Night Owl Security 8 Channel 1080p HD DVR with 1TB HDD (4 x 1080p) Wired Cameras

The Night Owl Security 8 Channel 1080p HD video security provides a 100-degree field of view, giving you wider coverage. It provides up to 100 ft of Night Vision, which is in black and white mode, so you can keep an eye on your property even when it’s dark. During the day, it switches back to full-color mode.

The package comes with a four-camera setup, all having a weatherproof rating of IP-65. Additionally, the system can be controlled remotely from your smartphone via a mobile app.

Estimated cost: $259.00

Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub

The Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p Wireless system is equipped with two-way audio and covers up to 300 feet. The system is easy to set up and doesn’t require internet – your videos are saved locally, which is perfect if you’re concerned about privacy.

This package comes with four 1080p indoor and outdoor wireless infrared cameras and a preinstalled 1TB hard drive. It offers 100 feet of night vision and a 100-degree, wide-angle viewing.

Estimated cost: $494

Night Owl WNVR201-88P-B 8 Channel 1080p Smart Security Hub

The 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub is a much pricier option for those who want to upgrade their security systems. The package comes with eight cameras with a wireless range of 300 feet, which is best suited for small homes.

The cameras are 1080p and have 100 feet of night vision range, and 1 TB of NVR hard drive storage.

Estimated cost: $790.07

Night Owl XHD502-88P-B 8 Channel 5MP Extreme HD Video Security DVR

If you prefer a wired connection, the 8 Channel 5MP Extreme HD Video Security DVR is a great option that comes with a whopping 2 TB of hard drive storage. You get eight indoor and outdoor infrared cameras that offer 88-degree wide-angle viewing and 100 feet of night vision.

Each camera comes with a 60-foot cable, and you can view and playback footage directly from your smartphone.

Price range: from $659 to $857.92

Night Owl Security 4K Ultra HD Wired System with Human Detection

If you’re on a budget and want a security system with human detection technology, try the Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Wired Security system. It comes with a preinstalled 1 TB hard drive and is easy to set up.

The system is equipped with a bright built-in spotlight that activates when motion is detected, deterring buglers from committing a crime. The cameras take snapshots and send them to your device in real-time for identification purposes. This DVR features color night vision, recording everything in full color.

Estimated cost: $250.00

Additional Cameras

Apart from the usual security cameras, Night Owl also offers:

  • Smart doorbell, that replaces your existing doorbell with a 1080p HD video and two-way audio. The footage from your smart doorbell can be displayed directly on your TV via Google Assistant commands and stored in cloud storage.
  • Panoramic camera, which offers a 180-degree vertical and horizontal field of view, provides wider coverage of the surveilled room. It includes two-way audio so you can talk to guests or scare of intruders via the Night Owl app.

Night Owl Security Features

Some of the special features you get when you purchase a Night Owl security camera include:

  • Built-in motion-activated spotlights
  • Remote viewing
  • Weather resistance
  • Facial recognition
  • Two-way audio
  • Voice assistant compatibility


Night Owl provides quality indoor and outdoor cameras to help people monitor their homes or offices. It’s a good option if you’re considering a one-time camera purchase and are okay monitoring everything yourself.

However, professional monitoring is a safer option considering they provide 24/7 surveillance and even call emergency services if they detect a problem.

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