Imagine a countertop Wi-Fi-enabled appliance that can refrigerate and cook your meals, at the same time. Cool, right? That’s what the Suvie Kitchen Robot offers. It uses water to keep your food cold and cook your meals. The multi-zone cooker and refrigerator has been gaining popularity all over the U.S. since its launch due to its versatility. But, does it meet your expectations? Here’s a review of Suvie Kitchen Robot to help you determine if it’s the best option for you.

Suvie Kitchen Review: An Overview

Suvie Kitchen Robot is a smart kitchen appliance manufactured by Suvie, an American startup. According to Suvie CEO Robin Liss, they created the Suvie system to help working professionals and parents who don’t have time to prepare home-cooked meals. The appliance can make fresh gourmet meals that are ready to eat whenever you want them.

Using the appliance is simple. Load four independent food components into the appliance and add water. The unit automatically keeps your food refrigerated until it’s time to cook. You can create your own meals or order gourmet meals that will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

When you tell Suvie you want to eat, it calculates the precise time it will start cooking each of the different meals. The machine has different cooking zones – sous vide for protein, steaming for veggies, boiling for starches, warming for sauces, and roasting – all of which combine to give perfectly prepared meals.

Suvie Kitchen Robot: How it Works

The Suvie countertop Kitchen Robot comes with a compartment for each food group, namely, protein, vegetables, and starch:

  1. The top two compartments hold protein and vegetables and are surrounded by a metal jacket that holds water. All you need to do is place each food in the appropriate container and fill the appliance’s water reservoir.
  2. You then schedule the time you want your meals to be ready using the appliance’s controls or via the app. The water then refrigerates the food until the scheduled time.
  3. At the selected time, the water in the jacket heats up and starts cooking the protein and vegetables at the top compartment using sous vide and steam, respectively. It then fills the starch compartment to cook anything you have in there.
  4. When your meal is ready, you’ll get an alert, after which you can broil your protein and vegetables for a perfect browned finish.

Suvie Kitchen Robot: Features and Performance

The Suvie Kitchen Robot is a compact appliance that replaces your microwave. It’s designed to perfectly fit on your kitchen countertop, next to your deep fryer or coffee maker. It’s a fully automated device that takes all the hassle out of preparing mouth-watering home-cooked meals.

It uses Wi-Fi connectivity that enables you to control it from your mobile device through the Suvie App. You can use the app to schedule dinner and monitor the cooking directly from your phone and make adjustments as necessary.

Some of the features the Kitchen Robot offers include:

  • Cool-to-Cook – automatically refrigerates and cooks your food.
  • Frozen-to-Cook – lets you go from frozen to fully cooked. 
  • Defrost – it defrosts your food and seamlessly transitions to cooking.
  • Reheat – lets you quickly reheat full meals in seconds.
  • Egg cooker – also serves as an egg cooker, with options to get creative with your breakfast.
  • Slow cook – ideal for soups, stews, and short ribs.
  • Bake – lets you bake, with temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sous vide – supports water-based cooking to prepare perfectly cooked protein at a low heat over a long duration of time.
  • Steam – ideal for cooking fish, vegetables, or any of your favorite dishes.
  • Roast – for crispy veggies and perfect chicken.

As you can see, you don’t need to preheat food with the Suvie Kitchen Robot, making it highly ideal for young parents and working professionals who lead busy lives. The appliance lets you plan ahead, so you can get home to a ready meal. Alternatively, you can fix a full meal in as little as 25 minutes.

Suvie Kitchen Robot Review: Suvie Smart Meals

Suvie offers its customers an optional meal plan where it ships you prepackaged, uncooked meals that can make one full meal to feed around 3-5 light eaters. The company simplifies things even further – scan the label on the package or recipe card and the appliance automatically knows the exact times and temperatures to use.

Suvie Kitchen Robot Review: Price

You can preorder Suvie Kitchen Robot at a surprisingly low introductory price, starting at $399 or $33 per month. One of the benefits you get by preordering Suvie is a 100-day in-home trial period and access to exclusive offers. Unfortunately, the appliance currently only ships within the continental US. 

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