The Samsung Galaxy S22 may look like its predecessor, but it has slight upgrades that make it a worthy choice. It sports an attractive display but comes with a smaller battery. While it’s nothing like the S22 Ultra, the bright 120Hz display, powerful processor, and upgraded triple camera array pretty much put it on the list of the best Android phones of 2022. Keep reading this post below to know more about this light and compact flagship phone and its specs in this Samsung S22 review.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S22 starts at an introductory price of $799 for the model with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. For $50 more ($849), you can get the version with 256GB of storage.

Considering that most people use their phones for photography and videos nowadays, the extra storage is worth paying for. The S22 shares the same price as the iPhone 13, which at $799, lacks a telephoto lens and a 120Hz display.

It also happens to share a similar price as the Galaxy S21, showing just how similar these phones are that Samsung didn’t want to risk a higher price amount. The more camera-capable Google Pixel 6 offers better performance and comes at a lower price of $599.

Samsung Galaxy preorders began on February 9, and the phone will be going for sale on February 25. Those who preorder before then stand to get a 25 percent discount off any Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review: Design

The Galaxy S21 had stunning looks and a great design. Not surprisingly, Samsung didn’t want to change that, and the S22 bears the same design, including the Contour Cut Camera panel, which was introduced with the Galaxy S line, giving the phone a unique profile.

One noticeable difference is the single tone of color of the phone’s rear camera. Unlike Galaxy S21, which had contrasting colorways, the S22 camera array is color-matched to the back of the phone.

Another welcome change is the upgrade from plastic back to a Gorilla Glass Victus+, giving it a more premium look and feel befitting the price point. The S22 is still lightweight at just 5.9 ounces, and the reduced 6.1-inch display screen makes it more pocket-friendly.

Measuring 5.75 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches, the Galaxy S22 is slightly narrower, shorter, and lighter than iPhone 13, which measures 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches, and weighs six ounces. The phone has rounded corners and edges, making it more pleasant and comfortable to hold than the iPhone 13 and its flat display stands out.

The Samsung S22 is dust and water-resistant, with a rating of IP68. The Gorilla Glass Victus+ combined with the Armor Aluminum frame guarantees that the phone is quite durable. The 3.5mm headphone jack is still missing, while the ports, button, USB-C port, SIM card slot, and volume rocker remain unchanged.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review: Display

The Galaxy S22’s display drops from 6.2 inches of its predecessor to 6.1 inches. But the FHD+ (2340 x 1080p) resolution, 240Hz touch input rate, and 120Hz refresh rate with adaptive Dynamic AMOLED 2X display are its biggest selling points.

With the new LPTO panel, the display will go from 120Hz refresh rate to as low as 10Hz, a move that helps preserve the battery when the high refresh rate isn’t being used. The S21 could only drop to 48Hz.

Another new feature is the Vision Booster, which dynamically maps the tone of your display and automatically tweaks the color and contrast, so it’s best suited to what you’re watching and the environment you’re viewing it in. It’s a pretty amazing feature.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review: Cameras

The S22 still features the triple camera array of the S21 but introduces a new suite of sensors. You now get a 50-megapixel sensor that utilizes Tetra binning technology that reduces large photos to the standard 12MP shots with more light and detail.

The telephoto drops from 64MP, f/2.0 to a 10MP at f/2.4, but now has the advantage of 3x optical zoom, as opposed to the 3x hybrid zoom. The ultrawide camera remains the same (12MP sensor at f/2.2) but with a larger 120-degree field of view. Finally, the front-facing camera (10MP, f/2.2) also remains unchanged but has improved AI image processing for better selfies.

While the specs may feel like a downgrade, the upgrades offer much clearer photos, and the ultrawide camera captures more in its frame.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review: Performance and Battery Life

The Samsung S22 uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, supported by 8GB of RAM, like the one in S22+ and the base model S22 Ultra. For those in Europe and the rest of the world, you’re getting Samsung’s own Exynos 2200, which is marginally less powerful than the Snapdragon. For the average user, you’ll barely notice the difference.

The phone can handle pretty much anything you throw at it with relative ease. It doesn’t seem fazed running several Chrome tabs, YouTube, Netflix, and even a game, at the same time.

The software in charge here is Samsung’s One UI, laid over Android 12. Everything feels snappy and responsive, which explains its remarkable results in the Wild Life Unlimited graphics test (64 frames per second, outperforming iPhone 13’s 56fps and OnePlus 9’s 34fps).

Battery-wise, we are surprised why Samsung decreased its size to 3700mAh from 4,000mAh of the Galaxy S21. Even with improved processors and optimizations to prolong battery life, it’s still not clear why the company would take such a direction.

On top of that, the charging speed is 25W, which is lower compared to what rivals are offering. You can also opt for wireless and reverse wireless charging, which disappointingly is still similar to S21’s 15W and 4.5W respectively.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 is a great android phone with an amazing display. However, lowering the battery capacity is a blow to many power users who will have to recharge at midday to keep enjoying the upgrades.

If you’re an average user, you’ll enjoy the many extra features the phone brings, including camera upgrades, the 120Hz refresh rate, and a super vibrant and colorful screen. At $799, it’s a great bargain compared to its competitors.

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